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WP-V1 car parking system is our typical solution for cost effective & environment-friendly type of car parking management application. We primarily designed for the projects that have many temporary users and with economical & environmental requirement. Integrated with reproducible printing ticket & barcode identify technology , the system is used to manage these cars’ access and paying management, meanwhile it is compatible with remote control and/or RFID cards for VIP and monthly card user.
WP-V1 system has been widely used in China and oversea market, it is ideal for both residential and commercial use in small to medium sized city, the application sites include: intelligent residential zone, industrial units, educational establishments, office car parks, official building, club parks, city mall parks and other applications.

Compositions of system

Network parking management software
Automatic parking gate barrier
Controlling box
Car identification system
Guard room and other accessories

Function & feature

Low cost solution for benefit both the vehicle owner and car park operator/owner
Simple operation, all the procedures are with LED display and voice prompt
User can get the ticket only when there is a car, one ticket for one car
With the manage printing button, the administrator can make the printing test
Alarm indication for No paper or few paper
With the identify code, which can be used to distinguish from other parking area
Printed ticket with entry time, which is for the temporary users and to avoid reusing.
System software with multi settings and testing functions, which is very convenient to use
Communication method with 10MB/100MB Ethernet or RS485 network
With corresponding settings, the system supports offline work
With indicate light to show working status
Content of LED display and tickets can be modified freely
Manual/software add & delete cards for VIP or monthly user, check users information
Card user capacity: 4095
One card for one car, card number corresponds to vehicle’s number. When reading card in the entrance, LED display shows corresponding vehicle’s number
Temporary users press the button to take tickets in the entrance, then scan tickets and pay money at exit
VIP or monthly or long-term user go through both entrance and exit by reading card




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