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The System provider shall furnish and install a fully integrated Building Management System (BMS),incorporating distributed control techniques and standard open communication networks. The system shall be implemented as an integrated, open solution, which enables Service Center connectivity through standard Building Operating System (BOS) interface.

The integrated systems shall include controls and monitoring of the whole building (BMS and Security) and each room/apartment whenever applicable.

Integrated Building Management and Security Systems shall include the following subsystems:
 - BMS / Building automation (cooling/heating control, ventilation control, pumps, etc.)
 - Lighting control of common areas
 - Consumption metering of water, electricity, cooling (heating) energy and gas
 - Access control system for common areas
 - Intruder alarm system for common areas
 - Video monitoring system for common areas
 - Fire alarm system
 - Central battery system

Whenever applicable, Guest Room Controls shall include the following subsystems:
 - Room temperature controls
 - Lighting controls, dimming groups
 - Lighting controls, on/off groups
 - Controlled sockets, enabled/disabled
 - Curtain controls (optional)
 - Water consumption metering (optional)
 - Electricity consumption metering (optional)
 - Cooling energy consumption metering (optional)

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