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WINSTAR series access controller is a new generation controller for door access control and parking barrier access control system, with relay output and WIEGAND input interface for working with RFID card reader, electric lock, parking barrier gate and other smart devices, it can also working with door switch, PIR sensor, push button, break glass, and alarm device, to build a completed set of access control system.
We provide Standard English software, manual and protocol, the software support windows XP/7/8 and with access control, time attendance and patrol function.
The controller adopts a powerful processor, and support max 20,000 register card user and 100,000 access records, usually we use for two door access control system or parking barrier gate access control, and automatic gate access control, and other projects.

These Access Control Panel provide the solution for powerful combinations of access control and alarm monitoring within off-line networks. The user-friendly Access software programs the system within a few minutes, from a non-dedicated PC. Access Software provides numerous access control and alarm monitoring features: expiry date for clubs, automatic activation, time zones, supervision, anti-passback, activity reports... Each alarm input is programmable: operating mode (NO or NC), time zones, local reflex (activation of outputs according to input status). Specific alarms are triggered according to the number of unsuccessful attempts, the time limit for door closing (door alarm), the duress code...Whenever required, the data stored in the controllers is transferred to the computer and activity reports are printed. Each controller works independently and keeps its own database.


Various model Single door(WS-A11),Two door(WS-A12),Four door(WS-A14)is optional.
160mm (L) x 106mm (W) /without power supply
273mm (L) x 228mm (W) x 65mm (H) /with metal box
The Access Control Panel provides the solution for powerful combinations of access control and alarm monitoring within off-line networks


Access solutions management functional schedule:
Compulsive open and close door at long time
Open door in remote distance
Inter block
Anti pass back and tail
Multi-card open door
Open long time at specified time
Electronic map
Urgency locking
First card unlocking
Unlock based on internal and external validation
Keypad (card+ password, supper password)

Typical Application:
Door access control
Parking barrier gate access control
Time attendance
Electric lift control
Elevator access control
Walking channel control
E-park management system
Turnstile gate access control

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