Red and Green vehicle parking ultrasonic sensor for underground parking lots


Product Description

PGS-UDT120 is an industrial design ceiling installation type vehicle detector use for parking guidance system. It had widely use for parking guidance system especially for underground parking lot and other indoor parking lots, installed near the ceiling and above every parking lots, use ultrasonic ranging principle collecting real-time status information of every slots and transmit these information via RS485 network to collection control terminal. It usually attached a DC5V red/green parking LED light indicator for help driver to find available lots in a fast way, so it can save driving time and reduce car energy consumption and avoid traffic jamming, it much improve the automation level of the parking management system and the service easy win more satisfactions from visit customers. The appearance and drawing of the device as below picture:


Key Reatures:


Industrial standard design for use most badly installation environment;

Stability of detect range from 1.0m to 3.5m suit for most parking lots

Mounting base separated from the body, easy and safe to operate

With Highly Anti-disturbance capability to avoid wrong judgment

With height brightness DC5V low power consumption LED indicator for display parking lots status

1S or 5S of sign output delay can be choosing through the outer switch.

Low cost for parking lot space vehicle real-time detection

Use RS485 communication, max can connect 32 pcs ultrasonic detectors

Cannot work independently without the controller


Technical parameters:

Model: PGS-UDT120

Size: 138mm x 90mm x 37mm (without packing)

Net Weight: about 150g

Operating voltage: DC12V/24V, max not over26V

Operating temp: -20℃ to 50

Storage temp.:-40℃ to 85

Operating relative humidity: 30%-90%

Used condition: installed on the top of the parking space (range 1.0m to3.5m)

Communication: RS485 (default), RS232 (optional)

Communication distance: max 1000m

Power output: DC5V (to LED indicator)


Work status and instruction:

When the ultrasonic detector does not send or receive normal, the status lights (State / Green) blinking 15 times a second;

When the ultrasonic detector to send and receive all normal, but no vehicles, no communications, the status lights (State / green) blinking three times a second;

When the ultrasonic detector to send and receive all normal, but has vehicles, no communication, the status lights (State / Green) blinking three times a second,

When the ultrasonic detector to send and receive both normal, but no vehicle, has communication, the status lights (State / Green) blinking one time a second.

When the ultrasonic detector to send and receive both normal and a car, the status lights (State /Green) has been bright.

Alarm distance setting:
Refer to the form, the ultrasonic detector provide a dial switch, it can flexible set alarm distance by 8 DIP switch (actual distance 0.50-4.00M),please refer DIP switch set form as below:

When the vehicle is in place and detection distance less than preset distance, red light on, otherwise green light on, Practical preset height plus 0.5 meters should be to the ground height)



Communication address setting:

Communication address express by 8 DIP switch, dip to “ON” express this address is 1, dip to “OFF” express this address is 0. Set address range is A0-A31, when not connect controller, 0 device as central unit to end centralized synchronous timing (detail refer detection mode instruction). When system don’t use controller, must have a 0 address ultrasonic sensor, otherwise system cannot normal operate. Each controller max connects 32 pcs ultrasonic sensor. For example:



Detection mode instruction:

In order to prevent the mutual interference between the ultrasonic sensors, each ultrasonic sensor adapts time-sharing scan technology. Namely, on the same bus, ultrasonic address apart 8 will scan at same time. When central controller scan no. 1 ultrasonic sensor, back to NO. 1 ultrasonic sensor status, and start NO.2, NO.10, NO.18, NO26 ultrasonic sensor. When central controller scan NO.2 ultrasonic sensor, back to NO.2 ultrasonic sensor status, and start NO.3, NO.11, NO. 19, NO. 27 ultrasonic sensor, and so on, when ultrasonic sensor don’t receive the start signal in one second, will automatically start scanning interval of time.


In order to prevent each zone ultrasonic sensor sequential disorder when not connect controller, when system not connect controller, address 0 ultrasonic sensor will temporarily act as the controller, send text time sequence to other ultrasonic sensor. When detect connect control, address 0 ultrasonic sensor will automatically stop send time sequence.


RS485 network communication protocol:

(1). Communications interface is standard RS485 (RS485A,RS485B,GND,DC12V);

(2). General communication set: 9600,N,8,1;

(3). Communication methods for question and answer half duplex mode, namely host ultrasonic sensor, sends the query command, other ultrasonic sensor answer. Central ultrasonic

(4). Sensor query command format for hexadecimal 3 bytes: FH 1 byte address 1 byte+ verify 1 byte, FH is 0XFA, address set by DIP switch (effective in 0X01~0X7F), verify byte is first two byte XOR; for example FA 05 FF

(5). Ultrasonic sensor response command format: 0XF5,0X00+address, check code or 0XF5,0X80 +address, check code. First byte 0XF5 is FH; second byte 0X00 express detect no vehicle (the green light light on), 0X80 express detect vehicle (the red light light on), third byte is first two byte XOR.

For example F5 05 F0 express no vehicle, F5 85 70 express has vehicle, the address is 05


Installation instruction:

Please refer to the pictures:



We design a mounting base for fix the body of the ultrasonic detector easy fix on cabling bridge, after connect all the wires (based on the printing connection instruction of the PCB board), fix the mounting base to ceiling panel of cabling bridge, so can easy finish installation, after done, you can see the detector working like the last picture.



Product pictures for reference:


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