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 Product Introduction

It is a good wireless LoRa IOT Wiegand transfer device which support point to point protocol.It transmits/receives data by Wiegand signal through the 433M wireless transceiver module,to solve inconvenient wiring problem for part of Access card swiping point in the construction process of access control system,Such as in the elevator, in the field, etc.It has rod-shaped antennas,the visual distance can be up to 500 meters;if using the external antenna, the visual distance transmission can reach about 1000 meters.Using LoRa wiegand module,the visual distance is up to 3,000 meters.A pair of (two sets) wireless (LoRa) wiegand module is used to realize the sending and receiving function.It is widely applied in fields of IOT, access controller,wireless meter reading, smart home, smart city, fire safety, industrial manufacturing,agriculture and forestry monitoring, building energy saving etc..

(Note:In the case of indoor or with obstacles, the transmission distance will have a greater impact, and the actual test effect shall prevail)

Basic technical parameters

Housing size:71*41*23mm;

External power supply:9-24V/static state 50~300mA;

Supporting 3db rod antenna visual distance:Wireless is about 500 meters,LoRa is about 1000meters;

External 12db antenna visual distance:Wireless is about 1000meters,LoRa is up to 3000meters;

Support Wiegand protocol: WG26~WG80,Contains password button;

Adopt LoRa point-to-point protocol;

WG data transfer interval: less than 300ms;

Wireless working frequency band: 433-473Mhz;

LoRa working frequency band: 415-450Mhz;

Number of support channels: 15 manual DIP settings and 30 software settings;

Application:PLC remote controller

Transparent transmission mode: realize point-to-point data transmission between two wiegand devices by two converters.





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