WSG-Y302 Vertical-typeTripod Turnstile Gate


General Introduction

The whole framework of Yuan standard tripod turnstile series is made of 304 stainless steel, which is rustproof, durable, and can resist external destroy. The structure of cuboid framework and the arm not only provide people with civilized and orderly transit manner but also prevent the illegal in and out effectively. Meanwhile, in the emergency, the arm will drop automatically. According to different control modules, this series can be divided into full-auto type, semi-auto type and manual type. Waterproof level: IP66.



Housing material: 304 stainless steeel

Thickness of stainless steel:1.5mm

Arm length: 500(mm) out of the framework

The biggest force the pole can hold: 80Kg
Driving force of the pole: 3Kg

The direction of rotation: single direction or bi-direction(be optional)
Transmission of the pole: digital transmission

Light indicator: direction indicating

It chooses optical hole principle, there is no delay requirement for input signal.

Working environment: indoor, outdoor (with a tent over)

Working temperature: -10C~50C              

Relative humidity: ≤90%

Opening/Closing time: 0.2 seconds

Transit speed: 30 persons/min

Communication interface: RS485 interface (distance less than 1200metres)

Input interface: Dry contact signal or 12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal

Driving current: ≥ 10mA


Functions & Features

Compatibility: Being compatible with several control devices like IC , ID, magcard, barcode, fingerprint etc.

Smoothly operation, low noice. Unlocking is quick and reliable

Auto-drop-arm function:the middle arm will drop automatically(default) or free passing(optional) when power is off.

Auto-lift-arm function:the middle arm will lift automatically(default) or free passing(optional)when power is on

Automatically reset function:it will automatically lock if the pedestrian has not passed through the channel in the pre-set time after the opening.The passing time is adjustable.(Default setting:10sec.)

The control board has count function and LED display(optional)

The control board has memory function

It has the standard input and output interface,and it is the best choice for the system integration engineer.


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