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TCP/IP interface 4 Channel Relay controller


1.Brief Introduction:
The equipment has four relay output ports and four input ports,Compatible Network and UART-TTL Communication Mode.
Equipment can be used in some control areas, such as lighting, electromechanical, automatic doors, etc.  It can realize the automatic control of some large currents. The connection is simple and the operation is easy to operate by computer remote control.
The equipment is powered by 9-35V/DC, and the output can be controlled by 220V/AC/10A equipment.


2.Function and Parameter
 Size:    100*76MM
 Weight:  about 50g
 Operating Voltage:  (9-35V) DC/1A, Recommended 12V/DC
 Static working current:  <160mA, 12VDC
 Dynamic Current:  When all relays are closed, the current is less than 320mA, (when 12VDC is powered)
 Output: 4-way relay, completely isolated from equipment
 Relay contact capacity: 277V/AC/10A; 125V/AC/12A
 Communication mode: Network Interface and UART-TTL Interface
     Baud rate:Can set by computer(4800\9600\19200\38400\57600\115200)BPS,9600BPS(default).   Note: Be consistent with UART baud rate of network module
 Address code: 1 (default), can set by computer (1 to 254)
 LED:  Communication Tips, Power Supply Indicators, Input Port Indicators, Relay Action Indicators.
Button:  Reset relay (short press 1s), equipment return to factory value (long press 10s to green light)
TTL Interface: 5V/DC Output on Board
3.Circuit Board Dimension Diagram


Product pictures for reference:

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