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New USB to Wiegand Converter for Sale
Publish Date:2015-10-13
General Introduction:
USB2WG communication convector is designed for hand-held testing tool or embedding into products manufactured by third-parties, we had widely use for our RFID and access control system solution
The converter support double-way transmission, can transfer Wiegand 26bit or Wiegand 34bit data to USB data, also can transfer USB data to Wiegand 26bit or Wiegand 34bit data, standard Wiegand output 26bit data in default (Wiegand 34bit and other format as optional), and standard USB output format.
Technical parameters:
Size:  9*4.5*3.5cm
Net Weight: 0.3KG
Operating voltage: DC 9V-12V;
Compatible with USB standards,corresponding to Wiegand all the way out; With an external watchdog to prevent the crash.
Communication Format:
Baud Rate 9600 N 8 1
1, WG26 or WG34 input
4 byte number: 1010795316 = (hex) 3C3F8334
 WG26 input (hexadecimal) 3F8334
WG34 input (hexadecimal) 3C3F8334
2, USB output
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