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Security Industry Developing in All Areas
Publish Date:2015-10-13

Four major fields of security industry including video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, intelligent transportation, and access control intercom. Hd video monitoring development is still the key. Compared with the traditional security monitoring camera, IP hd high-speed ball image resolution has improved significantly, and can show more abundant details.

Today, security monitoring is no one know no one knows all, life can be seen everywhere the form of security monitoring. A good quality clear security monitoring product can better ensure the safety of people's lives. Security monitoring market hd storm hit, more hd network security monitoring products have sprung up.

Anti-theft alarm markets tend to be civil

All along, the alarm is appear as an important tool in security equipment. Structurally, the role of anti-theft alarm and video monitor is almost indispensable to complement each other. Therefore, in the actual application, the role of anti-theft alarm also doomed not to should not be lightly by the user.

However, there are many reasons is such a security monitoring equipment go hand in hand with one of the important tools, although with the constant improvement of alarm equipment applications, the concept of intelligent and systematic in layers of deepening, step by step. But local security industry development is not balanced phenomenon still exists.

Access control intercom network trend is obvious

With the continuous development of new technologies, promote, and rapid growth of the smart card, also added a new dynamic for access control market and trends.

"Entrance guard control the trend of the future will be flexibility, scalability and highly integrated an integrated platform. Network access control and electronic cylinder lock will walk in the forefront of the market."

Network access control can be connected to the remote configuration or through an independent Internet access control Intranet. Access control for small businesses use the Internet access more convenient, and more affordable. The market might see the influx of SaaS and network access. These two methods share similar in that they are scalable, can reduce or eliminate the costs associated with system based on PC. However, when the network entrance guard and SaaS collocation, can only use software or network operating system based on PC, all set, update, and management need operation automatically by the "cloud", rather than hand control.

Network entrance guard system certainly will continue to gain market, especially in America the "out-of-the-box" project. In long-term supplier of flexible solutions and strong adaptability are likely to benefit from the benefits of the market recovery, and attract the attention of the user.

Intelligent transportation iot into glory

Urban intelligent transportation market scale has been China maintained a high-speed growth, including intelligent bus, electronic police, traffic signal control, monitoring, traffic video monitoring, information service management, city taxi passenger transport hub of informatization, the GPS and alarm system, traffic information collection and distribution and traffic control platform etc 10 4527 subdivision industry projects; The size of the market reached 15.99 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%.

Enrich the industry expert or enterprise scale in all growth, mainly in the road monitoring, highway tolls, 3 s (GPS, GIS, RS) and system integration. About 500 companies engaged in monitoring the current domestic products production and sales. Highway toll system is very distinctive intelligent transportation field in China, about more than 200 domestic enterprises engaged in the production of related products, and domestic enterprises has made with independent intellectual property rights of highway no parking charge double CPU card interface technology. Both in the field of intelligence traffic occupies an extremely important position.



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