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Simple Analysis of Finding Car Video System
Publish Date:2015-10-13

Find car video system application, marks the reverse seeking car system into the era of intelligent automatic car found from now on. Today, video search system has gradually been known and used, and the diversity of its function, intelligent and humanization back for finding the car provides great convenience for owners, to win the majority of owners and parking lot operators extensive affirmation and praise, and in parking guidance occupies the important position in the market.

1.    video search system is introduced

Along with the development of the economy, sustained growth in the number of cars, slow parking lot, finding the car difficult problem increasingly serious, the factors such as the requirement of increasing the public security order, driven by reverse for car parking system arises at the historic moment. Video system is to find car parking guidance on the combination of technology and video search car technology successfully. Using the domestic leading video image processing technology and license plate recognition technology, can automatically capture parking information and stored in the server. Owners back for finding the car, only need to input the images in the query for car terminal, system owners will be able to show the current position and the vehicle's position, and arrived at the parking space is given the best route, so as to shorten time for car. In addition, the system also has parking guidance function, through can display the current parking free parking number of LED parking boot screen, as well as the installation of the red and green on the top of the each lot parking lights (red said the car has been parked vehicles, green said the car was empty) equipment, such as direct owner quickly find empty car for vehicle parking.

2.    car video search system wide scope of application

Different places, the parking lot design, traffic, user characteristics such as each are not identical, to find car video system functional requirements, using the way also have their own characteristics.

The greatest demand, the application should be most businesses

Shopping plazas, commercial street, large supermarkets and commercial real estate and other places of business management system of parking has been the focus of the market, the most application market is also find car video system. These places are generally located in downtown or densely populated areas, large parking area, parking Spaces, parking demand is relatively strong, finding the car difficult problem is more serious, especially on weekends and holidays, often appear are, finding the car more difficult situations. Therefore, video search system, can provide customers with convenient parking, finding the car service.

Overall, the internal management system of parking lots in the future will be toward the direction of intelligent, video, video search car system as an important part of intelligent parking lot management system, is bound to get more extensive application in the market.


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