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Potential Applications of Mobile Monitoring
Publish Date:2015-10-13

If the network monitoring and the development of mobile phone security function, if we regard the former as a kind of security features on the further development, so mobile phones and the security of marriage is a huge step MinYongHua direction. After all it's mobility characteristics deeply to distinguish the civil and commercial or so distinct. Therefore, the emergence of mobile phone monitoring is a great expansion of civil security, so to speak.

For the development of mobile phones in the field of security, convenience and mobility can be said to be its biggest characteristics. Also precisely because of these two kinds of advantage, make it will monitor the liberation from the heavy monitor, which makes monitoring what no longer is a complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, this also is the use of its biggest advantage.

Mobile phones monitoring will be developed into a commonly used functions, family, unit, road traffic to and from work, the holiday travel road conditions, the bank business hall queue number, dining restaurant allelic situation such as video information acquired will be a smart phone, a necessary function. As a result of the limitation of wireless resources, the bandwidth of the wireless communication cable communications bandwidth or can't compare with. In a wireless base stations available bandwidth is limited, if you use more people, is bound to create tension in the bandwidth, so low bit rate is the main requirement of mobile phone monitoring applications, in addition, in addition to the video viewing and playback, increase some intelligent analysis function, such as mobile phone shop see cameras can provide some traffic statistics function, the old man care cameras can provide some simple act of abnormal alarm (suddenly fall may be a heart attack or stroke, likely to press the emergency alarm button), these functions not only provides a useful service to customers, but also increase the competitive advantage of the product.


Is finding wider and wider with the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone monitoring applications also will be more and more popular, both industry market, such as public security and civil market (e.g., family), mobile phone monitoring are expected to become one of the major monitoring application. The future mobile phone monitoring should be developed is very rich, very professional, and very targeted applications.


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